Tuesday, March 22, 2011

postheadericon ATTN FOLLOWERS!!!

I am not sure if you are aware, but if you follow me that entitles you to be an exclusive. Which means that there are special tags that you will receive that the Always list doesn't. Only following does not put you on my always list. Therefor, if you wish to be on there AND receive exclusives please send me a message or comment here with the name you would prefer on the tags so I can add you to the always list.

ALSO, if you are a follower only, please send me an email or comment here with the name you would prefer me to use on the tags. Otherwise, I will just use the name that it shows you are following me by.

Thank you everyone


Sweet Southern Comfort Creations said...

Wow, I didnt even realize you were doing this, thank you! I use Tiffany or Tiff on my tags, but I will make sure to go check the pickups and snag :)

Thanks again!

Stephanie said...

:) Okie dokie. I will take note of that. I have SSCC or the full name on the previous tags i have made. If there are any that you would like me to change please let me know :)

KLani said...

WOW..that's awesome! Followers too, so sweet! I like Ka'ipolani plz, if it's too long than Lani is good too :)

Thank You :)

Stephanie said...

Okie dokie :) Gotcha covered :D

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