Sunday, December 11, 2011

postheadericon Smurftastic Party

What a fun and exciting party we had yesterday. We started at 2 and it went all the way until 6. WOOW! Not only was it for celebrating the release of the Smurfs movie, but for celebrating my daughters 6th birthday. What a better way to combine it and have an even better party. We started off by grilling hot dogs for everyone. They all snacked on chips and dip, gummy bears, and tons of other candy while waiting on the hot dogs. I made Smurf juice, which consisted of blue juice, sprite, and vanilla ice cream. It was yummy and creamy. It was a massive hit. We went through two huge bowls of it.

Here is the party table..

Everything was decorated in blue and white ribbon and balloons. The guests could see a smurfs picture slide show running on the computer. There were also some pictures placed throughout the table. I had all of the activities placed out for the kids as well.

After eating hot dogs, the kids painted Smurf hats that they could take home at the end of the party. In each goodie bag the kids got candy and a picture to color. We also had face painting and Smurf noses for the kids. The noses got sent home with the kids as well. They all had such a great time painting their faces blue. They thought it was so neat.

Here are some of the kiddies that painted their faces and the activities..

 Chloe, she lookes almost just like Smurfette haha

Smurf hats the kids painted..

Just before starting the movie we sang happy birthday to my daughter Haylie.
Then as everyone sat and watched the movie they enjoyed some cheese popcorn and cake and ice cream.
The cake was a white cake with fresh blueberries inside. I colored frosting blue and covered the cake with that. I also put some blue sprinkles, white chocolate drizzle, and blueberries on top.

When the movie was finished we ended the party with opening gifts for Haylie's birthday.

Everyone had such a great time during the party. They all LOVED the movie and activities. My son Skyler said, "That was a cute movie, Mommy." 

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