Tuesday, February 1, 2011

postheadericon Who's Ur Nurse

This tut was written in Photoshop CS5. Any version will work. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PS while using my tuts. Please keep in mind that some keyboard short cuts may be different in other versions.

Supplies Needed:

PTU Whos Ur Nurse kit

PBs Template 89 - Punky Butts

Tube of choice:
I am using artwork of Jose Cano
You must have a license and 
have purchased this tube to use it.
You can get it at Mypsptubes


Of choice - I am using Grinched


Plug-ins Needed:
Eye Candy 4000 - Smoke
~Lets get started~

Open up PBs template. Turn off the eye or delete the credits layer. 
off the hearts and the wordart layers.
Open paper 28, move to canvas and scale to just fit over the black square.
Move this paper layer under the black square layer.
CTRL + click on preview window on the black square layer.
Be sure your paper layer is highlighted.
Move the paper layer back on top of the black square layer.
Add your Eye Candy 4000 smoke at these settings..

IMAGE>>CANVAS SIZE and change the width to 720 and height to 550
Highlight all layers and move everything so it is center.
Get a soft eraser and erase the hard edges on the smoke.
Open paper 37, move to canvas and duplicate. DO NOT resize.
Turn the eye off of one of them. Move the other one under either the right or left black circle.
Insert it into the black circle just as we did above with the previous paper on the black rectangle.
Turn the eye back on, on the second paper and add it into the other circle.
Move these papers on top of each black circle.
You should now have something like this...
Crop your canvas.
Open el16 and move to canvas. Position at the top on the red line.
Open el15 and horizontal flip it. Move it to the bottom red line.
Open el53, move to canvas and scale to about 51.87%
Move on top of left circles and position to bottom left.
Open el68 and move to canvas. 
Scale to liking, duplicate as many as you like and position where you like.
Open tube of choice. (Close up)
Scale if need be. Move this layer under the square frames layer. Duplicate.
Change layer style to soft light. Merge down.
Duplicate this layer once more and move one of these layers on the top of all the other layers.
Take your eraser and on the top tube layer erase the bottom so it looks like that part is under the frame and under the wavy lines.
Be careful what you erase because you want her arm and upper part to be on top of everything.
It should look something like this...
Open the fuller body tube and place this layer under the bottom half body tube from earlier.
Something like this...
Erase the top part that shows outside the frame. Duplicate the tube, add your Gaussian blur like we did above and change the layer style to soft light. Now change the original layer to Luminosity.
Add whatever other elements that you would like.
Go to the original black rectangle layer and add your eye candy 4000 smoke again EXCEPT change the direction to 327 and the side taper to 0.58
Go to the gradient rectangle layer and do free transform and resize to liking. Change the opacity to 75%
Feel free to add any parts of the tubes body into the circles if you wish.
Add drop shadow to any elements you want, the main parts of the tube and your main template parts.
Add your copyright info, license number and you name.
I hope you have enjoyed this tut!


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