Wednesday, February 2, 2011

postheadericon Conversion Tut - Love Is

This tut was written in Photoshop CS5. Any version will work. I assume that you have a working knowledge of PS while using my tuts. Please keep in mind that some keyboard short cuts may be different in other versions.

***This is a conversion tut. It was originated By Sarah from Shadow Creations
She gave me permission to convert her psp tut into photoshop along with a few subtle additions***

Supplies Needed:

FTU Love Is kit


Tube of choice:
I am using artwork of Anna Marine
You must have a license and 
have purchased this tube to use it.
You can get it at CDO or have had it from CILM


Of choice

I used Mask 10 by Horse Play's Pastures

Plug-ins Needed:
~Lets get started~

Open a new 600x600 transparent canvas.
Open frame 8 from elements. Move to canvas and rotate CW 90 degrees.
Scale to about 88.34% and center on canvas.
Open paper of choice from kit and drag to canvas.
Scale to just fit over frame. Move this layer under the frame layer.
Highlight the frame layer. Get your magic wand tool and click inside the frame.
Highlight the paper layer.
Open tube of choice and move to canvas. Scale to liking.
Duplicate tube and FILTER>> BLUR>> GAUSSIAN BLUR set at 2.0
Change the layer style to soft light.
Open scattered hearts 2 element and move to canvas. 
Scale to about 75.66%
Position to bottom of tube and frame.
Open flower line and move to canvas. Scale to about 53%
Position on top of the hearts at bottom of tube and frame.
Open forget me not 1 and move to canvas.
Scale to about 27.37% and move to bottom left.
Open forget me not 4 and move to canvas.
Scale to the same as the previous flower and move to bottom right.
Open heart swirl 2 and move to canvas.
Move this layer under the tube layers but above the frame layer.
Don't scale just position to the right top of the frame.
Open the mask and move to canvas. 
(this is a psp format mask so u need to get it changed into ps format)
Move this layer to the very bottom.
Scale mask to liking.
Open paper of choice from kit and scale to just cover the mask.
Move this paper layer under the mask layer.
CTRL + click on the preview window of the mask layer.
Be sure your paper layer is highlighted
Move the paper layer on top of the mask layer.
Turn the eye off the original mask layer.
Duplicate the new mask layer as much as you want to get it a little darker.
Merge the layers together when your done duplicating them.
Open whatever wordart from the kit you like and position it to the bottom left.
Add drop shadow to any elements you like, the frame and tube.
Don't add shadow to the wordart or it will make it to dark looking.
Add your name, copyright info and license number.
Crap as you wish. If you want to get some of the extra blank canvas off.

Thank you to Sarah for allowing me to convert this tut for PS users!
I hope you enjoyed it!


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